About NoVa Investments

Who We Are

We are house flippers and rehabbers. We buy houses from people that want to be rid of their property. We are investors and our intention is to make a profit after buying, and fixing/updating the house. We understand it is important you get a fair amount for your house and we take that seriously. Fill out our form on this site to see how much we can offer in cash for your house and be rid of the headache for once and for all!

How We Work.

We are a team of serious cash buyers. We are honest, direct, and have no time to waste your time. We mean business and we are here to make good offers so we can get contracts signed. Lowball offers are a waste of your time and ours. It takes time and effort to do a market analysis and when we devote time to this effort we will make sure our offers are attractive so they will get accepted. This means we make compelling  and realistic fair offers!

Our Mission

To be honest, we have no mission for doing this other than we love doing flips and we love being successful at what we do. It is fun, and fulfilling to watch as we transform a house into something completely different and beautiful. We apologize for not having a more compelling “mission” but we want to keep it real!

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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