Let Us Tell You A Bit About Us!

Who We Are

We are part of the Noorden Estates LLC Network, the Top ranking (yes we actually ARE the top ranking) House buying team in Connecticut. You want to know if we are real, credible, honest, and most importantly you want to know if we can really buy your house and close on the date we say we will.

Yes we can, but we totally understand that everyone can talk a good talk.

Sell My House Fast In CT
We are no strangers to hard work, perseverance and determination.

We are a duo of cash buyers, flippers, rehabbers that have a passion for real estate. Yes of course we are in it for the money.

That is what investors do. We invest to make money. We buy houses in Connecticut, rehab them and put them back on the market with hopes to sell it at a profit.

There are enough deals out there. We are not desperate and certainly are not greedy. We do not need to make a fortune from every single house we buy. We rather buy many houses and make a small profit per house than buy 1 house every year and make a huge profit. This business model ensures low risks for us, and higher offers for you!

We can tell you a soppy story about how justified and noble we are, making neighborhoods pretty again with each house we rehab, or what we do with the money once we make it (and believe us we do have a noble cause), but we think what is more important here is that you feel we are trustworthy from our actions, and how we treat you. And that is what we rather focus on!

How We Work.

We are a team of serious cash buyers. We are honest, direct, and have no time to waste your time. We mean business and we are here to make good offers so we can get contracts signed. Lowball offers are a waste of your time and ours. It takes time and effort to do a market analysis and when we devote time to this effort we will make sure our offers are attractive so they will get accepted. This means we make compelling  and realistic fair offers!

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