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We pay fair and honest prices for houses in Fairfield and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a straightforward, no-cost way to sell your house as-is, we have the solution you have been waiting for!

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Do you feel stuck or troubled by an unwanted house? Owning a home you don’t want to keep can be stressful and costly. We can help you end your obligation to the property so you can move on without any more waiting. We are ready to buy your property — whether the house is run-down, vacant, or in need of major repairs. Fixing up houses is our passion. We love to find old, run-down properties and restore them to their previous glory. Sure we sell for a profit, but it comes at no expense to you. We love what we do and are happy that we can help so many people along the way.

A listing isn’t always the most guaranteed way to sell your house. A traditional sale takes time and money that not everyone has or wants to spend. Consider these cost-saving advantages a fast and direct sale can offer you:

NY Home BuyersNo costs to repair or paint the house

NY Home BuyersNo need to spend any money upgrading to keep the house competitive

NY Home BuyersNo professional cleaning expenses

NY Home BuyersNo need to stage the house and keep it ready for showings

NY Home BuyersNo holding costs for things like insurance, utility bills, and property taxes you will be responsible for while you are waiting for the house to sell

Simply getting your house on the market can be a costly process. You will then be faced with commissions and closing costs once the property does sell with an agent. You can avoid two additional costs with a direct sale to Sell My House In Connecticut .

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We bought this house in cash and flipped it successfully!  Yes, we actually are the ones that will buy your house in Fairfield, CT.

Selling Your Fairfield, CT House Has Never Been This Easy

When we work with a homeowner, we will make an offer based on the condition of the property and the local market. Time is important for us and we don’t like to play around. We are always delighted to explain how our offers are derived. If you accept, we can close on the property within only a few days. If you decline, you will still gain valuable information into your property’s value, without any cost whatsoever.

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You do not need to hire an agent and wait around for a buyer. Working with a realtor isn’t always the best way to sell. For some people, dealing with certain situations, a direct sale will be a much better choice. We can help if you are:


Connecticut Home BuyersWorried about foreclosure and looking to sell right away.

Connecticut Home BuyersGetting divorced and looking for an easy and fair way to sell.

Connecticut Home BuyersLandlord to an underperforming rental property.

Connecticut Home BuyersMoving quickly for work or school.

Connecticut Home BuyersDealing with a house in need of major repairs.

Connecticut Home BuyersStuck with liens on the house.

Connecticut Home BuyersDealing with back taxes.




Sell My House In Connecticut will provide you with a fast and fair solution, ALWAYS! We have helped homeowners all over Connecticut deal with frustrating properties or situations. We are direct buyers who have the ability to close on your Fairfield house in only a matter of days.

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You never have to worry about the sale falling through. If we make you an offer, you can consider your house sold. There are no commissions, listing costs, advertising fees, repair costs, or holding expenses. Compared to a traditional listing, a direct sale to Sell My House In Connecticut can potentially save you thousands of dollars. We create win-win situations allowing people to sell for a fair price without any expense. In turn, we are able to find great profits to renovate and flip!

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Sell My House In Connecticut is working with homeowners across the state who want to sell their houses quickly and for great prices. We work all over the state, helping homeowners with all kinds of burdensome homes and situations. If you have said, “I need to sell my house quickly,” we would love to make you an offer and close on the day that works best for you. We can help you save the time and frustration that typically comes along with a traditional sale. Get in touch with us today to run the numbers and to find out how a direct sale can benefit you and your situation!